How can you create a culture designed for success of all? Learn to incorporate…




We are hard-working. We are likely committed, responsible, and motivated. We may even be efficient, practical, and versatile. Yet, many of us struggle with our team interactions and relationships, employee satisfaction and retention, and employee behavior and productivity. By learning how to be honest, humble, and human, not only can we realize our full potential, but we can transform our culture and foster a welcoming, inclusive, and effective environment that promotes the success of our teams and of all our employees. We can learn how to:

  • Work effectively with people who have different perspectives and identities
  • Be a successful supervisor or mentor
  • Be a productive and growth-oriented supervisee or mentee
  • Have direct, open conversations in a respectful manner
  • Create successful and productive teams
  • Understand the difference between good intention and negative impact
  • Intervene when we see behavior that feels disrespectful or harmful
  • Repair the harm in workplace relationships and move forward in a positive way
  • Understand and learn how to navigate our internal biases
  • Engage in productive conversations and actions around race, ethnicity, and inclusion
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