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Melissa spent time with me and a colleague planning for the [circle] conversations and developing prompts we thought would work best for our students. She was kind and understanding throughout the whole process. I knew this conversation would require an expert who could provide a structured space and lead participants along a journey together, and Melissa quickly demonstrated that she definitely was that expert. During the circle, she made all of us feel comfortable and open to being vulnerable. She created a no-judgement zone in which we could all discuss our views about a divisive topic that had polarized the country. We all came out of that circle with a deeper understanding of who the other participants were, what they valued most, and how their values and experiences shaped the choices they make every day.

I call Melissa my “circle hero” because she’s shown me that a well-done circle crafted by someone who is passionate about helping others can help build community and connect us to each other. In this day and age, that is definitely a superhero power!

Stephanie Robertson, Assistant Dean, Office of Community Engagement and Inclusion, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Comments from anonymous surveys

Melissa! Thank you for your wonderful facilitation and your thoughtful and gracious approach that you take with leading these sessions. You are a really blessing to our community because of your expertise and leadership!

This was the best-facilitated conversation on race I’ve had at Duke… I would love to see this basic session multiplied throughout the community.

It was nice to have a safe space where people could be honest and engage about the topic. I appreciated that… the facilitator was very supportive and encouraging.